Saturday, March 30, 2013

Her ART is filled with the beginning...

After many years of crafting and creating ART, my journey has taken me into the magical world of Mixed Media ART. 

I know there are many definitions of Mixed Media ART, so I think it is important to tell you what Mixed Media ART means to me.

The term "mixed media art" has a broad definition that covers anything from collage, altered things like books and boxes and more.  The term can also include homemade greeting cards and artist trading cards (ATC's) and tags.  Art journaling can also be considered "mixed media art".

To me, Mixed Media ART is all about the TEXTURE:)  I just love it when a piece of Mixed Media ART makes you want to reach out and touch it.  Layering one item on top of another and "building" the art piece out of various materials helps to build texture.  Texture can also be assumed by adding depth and dimension with color. I also think Mixed Media ART is about using "found items" and including "hidden treasures" in the finished piece.

Here are a few examples that I found on-line:

The texture in the piece above is really showcased I this photo.  You can really see the depth and texture.  I love the way the artist used various textures, color and shapes throughout this piece.  I think the artist did a great job of combining these things while keeping an organic feel throughout this piece.

This piece, on the other hand still shows dimension although, I believe this is probably a 2D piece.  The layering is obvious on both pages and I love the color scheme and assumed dimension created with layering.
This piece pulls me in with great used of shapes.  I think that the use of logical lines along with the abstract spatterings and bleeding of paints give this piece a well balanced appeal.  The layering of media on top of one another in this fashion also shows "movement" in this piece.
I look forward to the opportunity to share my mixed media and altered ART with you.
This blog will contain my ART, ART I see on-line that I want to share, and techniques that I find along the way.  I also plan to include occasional tutorials, class announcements and notifications of products I have available  for sale at my LSS.
If you need to contact me directly, please do so via e-mail at
Here's to hoping your day is filled with the creative joys of LIFE in ART.

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